roh team

The Race Online Hungary Team (ROH) has officially formed in November 2012, based on the idea of ​​Zsolt Bíber and András Németh. The ROH project has built from the beginning of the Gran Turismo game developed by Polyphony Digital. For GT5 and then for GT6, we organize classic series like Senna Memorial or Then And Now, which runs to this day.

Since 2017 ROH and PC Guru Magazine (PC Guru) is co-organizing and running the Hungarian Gran Turismo Championship with Sony Playstation Hungary, which has become prevalent and traditional competition years. These tournaments have been in the Mondocon PC Guru Show framework, which had over 22,000 visitors, significantly increasing the image number and strength of the Gran Turismo community in Hungary. In 2019 ROH together with HUNESZ and Esport1, organized the Gran Turismo final of the highly successful "V4 Future Sports Festival" with the participation of four countries (Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Poland). "Simrace 2 Real" is the first in Hungary to include a racing simulator competition in a TV show with one of the largest Hungarian commercial media groups, TV2. It was also the first in Hungary to organize a racing simulator championship for professional drivers with real FIA racing licenses with the National Motorsport Association's support, which gained great popularity. Many internationally listed Hungarian touring cars and formula drivers started the championship. We consider it an outstanding achievement to have these races with Gran Turismo Sport on the Playstation 4 platform. ROH lobbied a lot to make this happen and for the Hungarian simulator and real racing drivers community to take the Gran Turismo simulator as a benchmark on the Hungarian "simulator market." In addition to TV broadcasts, the tournaments have appeared on many platforms like Facebook, Youtube. More than 25,000 viewers saw the first episode in broadcast live on TV. ROH is a dedicated supporter of Gran Turismo Sport on the Playstation platform. Its employees work more than 12 hours a day on organizing and building community, promoting on social media. Besides, ROH is a regular participant in the FIA Gran Turismo World Tour Series as an accredited partner, also supporting the event. Thanks to this multi-year endeavor, ROH has become a regular player in both the Hungarian State and other sporting events in the simulator industry.

World Tour 2019 Nürburgring - Hungarian Team with Toyo Teramoto (Polyphony Digital)  / photo: ROH